Amsterdam Vol.1


Have you ever missed someone so so much, at the end you felt super glad to meet that specific person after ages again? YEEEES! My Dutch bubba, so called Mandy or beauty, and I were reunited in Amsterdam after our Gap Year abroad took us to London.

While strolling through the ancient streets of AMS I realized that this city counts to one of my faves now. Enjoying tasty Dutch food and good drinks in those lovely and boutique restaurants/ cafes were the best part of this trip, literally.
Moreover, I felt in love with the ambiance of this pretty town. Everybody is just calmed, relaxed and OF COURSE well-dressed while sitting on those famous Dutch bicycles and cruising from one place to another.
And yes, the stereotype is absolutely true: tall population, definitely haha!

What am I wearing?
Top: Brandy Melville
Trousers: Zara
Belt: Liebeskind
Shoes: Inci
Jacket: Urban Outfitters 

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