my top hotspots in Amsterdam


Even though I visited my friend just for couples of days in the Netherlands, actually just for 2 days, sightseeing was not as important as food. We had priorities, obviously! Below you will find my fave locations in AMS. 

Food is life

In case, you are looking for something healthy or at least for a #foodporn pic for Instagram, this super pretty place is the perfect spot. Do not miss it.
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Good news for sushi junkies. This is the latets inovation - a bowl full of healthy ingredients which remind everybody to another version of those Japanese rolls. Just try it!
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Choosing your top favorite toppings + eating your own creation of bagel. This was just a taste adventure.
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This is how it looks like when you're swinging over Amsterdam on one of the most famous rooftop bars. Either you can enjoy a drink on top of the building or just meet up with friends for dinner. This rooftop offers more than just a beautiful view.
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